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March 10, 2014, Judge Broderick from a New York federal court ruled the suspension of DVDFab, a small Chinese software developer headquartered in Beijing, several of its domains and social media accounts, accusing the latter violating copyright protections of AACS and other movie studios in the States.

What Was Affected?

Several hours after the Order had been put into effect, people from around the world were reporting that www.dvdfab.com, our portal site, was no longer accessible. As it turned out, our website had been blocked…

March 11, the DVDFab Facebook Fanpage was removed…

What We Have Done?

Nothing. With our history as a software developer we have had only one mission in mind: To provide customers the world's best DVD, Blu-ray, video backup and conversion solution for private LEGAL purposes (personal use at home) ONLY. The value of people's entertainment has been greatly improved thanks to the existence of DVDFab software and being able to back their legally purchased media up.

What We Will Do Next?

In order to protect the interests of our existing customers, we have already recovered all the normal businesses to www.dvdfab.cn. At the same time, we promise to reverse the situation through every possible effort. DVDFab Team as a whole, will stick to the same mission in the years to come, to better your entertainment life. We shall not perish from this earth!